Come to see her who destroys, devastates, makes one plunge into madness! Tears happiness, takes one’s property, ruins the reputation, stains one’s honor, pushes society into chaos. She is here: Carmen!
The internationally awarded stage performances by Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin are known for their absurd aesthetics. The ensemble’s premiere work KILL Carmen is simultaneously crude and cruel, alluring and twisted. Led by Roni Martin, the orchestra masterfully combines funk, flamenco and Balkan influences. Spanish dancers Mariana Collado and Carlos Chamorro erupt into the Pannuhalli performance space in the Cable Factory, all the way laughing right in the face of death.

KILL Carmen is premiered at Helsinki Festival on the 28. August 2015.

On Stage

Carmen: Mariana Collado (ESP)
Torero: Carlos Chamorro (ESP)
Don José: Alfredo Santos (ESP), Erno Haukkala (FIN), Samppa Leino (FIN),
Roni Martin (FIN), Henrik Perelló (FIN), Antero Priha (FIN),
Karo Sampela (FIN), Juan Antonio Suárez Cano (ESP)
Cleaner: Pablo Suárez (ESP)

Artistic direction: Kaari ja Roni Martin
Choreography: Carlos Chamorro, Mariana Collado, Kaari Martin
Music: Roni Martin
Lyrics: Roni Martin, Atro Kahiluoto, Pentti Saarikoski
Dramaturgy: Atro Kahiluoto
Direction: Kahiluoto-Martin-Martin
Light design: Ville Virtanen
Costume design: Erika Turunen
Live sound: Ilari Suonpää
Costume production: Anja Behm, Johanna Vehmas
Make-up & hair: Kaisu Hölttä
Photography:  Janne Mikkilä, Joonas Antikainen
Premiere: 28. August 2015 at Helsinki Festival
Duration: 60min

Helsinki Festival is the co-producer of the performance.